Secret Gardens

December 2023 Issue

When we speak of garden, we inherently are confronted with a paradox. We dream of green spaces that are both guarded by and protected from humans.  We imagine a piece of land next to a house or urban spaces, with flowers, vegetables, other plants and often grass. And yet garden is also a secluded, otherworldly space that we protect, preserve and create in.

"Secret Gardens" is our end-of-the-year 2023 issue that brings us through the gates of these bucolic spaces. As viewers, we're also secretly trespassing into gardens that we're meant to be visited nor seen - and yet they were recorded for a reason. Please do come in but do not tell anyone else.

They could be wandering around a secret garden, exploring outer space or swinging into a crazy jungle to spy hidden treasures, The Sun (2014)


Taming the Garden

Salomé Jashi Georgia, Germany, Switzerland 2021