2014 | India | Documentary

The Beaten Path

  • Nepali English 27 mins
  • Director | Phurba Tshering Lama
  • Writer | Gupta Pradhan, Phurba Tshering Lama
  • Producer | Phurba Tshering Lama

This film is currently not available.   

In the face of an apparently meaningful world Balvir lives and coexists in the grand mosaic of nature like any other entity. Balvir’s life is conditioned by fatigue, to the limits of absurdity. He is a poor breeder in Darjeeling. To earn a living, he carries the meat of animals to market by way of steep, crooked mountain paths. The backbreaking weight of the meat, placed in huge wicker baskets, bends his back, straining every fiber of his bony body and draining his energy. Until, one day, his companion's legs give out, the meat rolls down into the ravine, and the incident forces him to carry his friend’s load. A film which explores the simplicity and suffering of life in rural Darjeeling. 


nature spirituality realism philosophy roots