2016 | Bulgaria | Documentary


  • 21 mins
  • Director | Hristina Vardeva

This film is currently not available.   

"The eternal bond between people, stars and telescopes."

Since ancient times we have been gazing at the stars. We dream of unveiling the secrets of the universe. After the boom of space research programs in the early 70's, astronomy became popular worldwide and thus the desire to unveil the mysteries of the cosmos became a global goal. In 1981 Bulgaria built it's first National Astronomical Observatory in the Rhodopi mountains. Through the years it became a place of convergence for professional astronomers, students and stargazers. Although it is still the largest functioning observatory in Southeast Europe, today it is threatened with closure. However, nowhere else is the desire to observe the cosmos so alive like here on this mountain peak. This is the story told by the people who are dreaming to discover the undiscoverable.

astronomy scientist observatory observation star universe space lens telescope planet solar system