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Bow Shock
Javier Diez
400 Years of Telescope
Kris Koenig
Brilliant Noise
Hristina Vardeva
Stars of Gaomeigu
Marko Grba Singh
Celestial Object
Benjamin Balcom
Empty Space
Steve Gong, Zephyr Peynore
Focus on Infinity
Joerg Burger
The Astronomer's Sun
Simon Cartwright, Jessica Cope
The ISS Image Frontier - Making the Invisible Visible
Christoph Malin
Worlds: The Kepler Planet Candidates
Alex Harrison Parker
Into Deep Space
Anne Milne, Alberto Iordanov
Stormy Sun
Daniel Münter
Santiago Menghini
The Path Without End
Elizabeth LaPensée
The 6th World
Nanobah Becker
Essere e Tempo (Being and Time)
Sandro Bocci
Les Cinq Sages (The Five Wisemen)
Aurélien Peilloux
Mars Society
Giulia Grossmann