2014 | United Kingdom | Documentary

Matter Patterns

  • English 4 mins
  • Director | Olga Yakimenko

This film is currently not available.   

Many people believe that mathematics and science somehow detract from the beauty of nature. We respectfully disagree – for science has shown that nature is mathematics and mathematics nature. With the right kind of eyes, flowers are no longer just flowers and stars are no longer just stars. Rather than subtract, science and mathematics provide an extra dimension to appreciate the beauty of nature: a new kind of aesthetic and a new kind of elegance. We're creating a film that offers everyone this wondrous new perspective: one that shares the spirit (if not the budget) of the new generation of Cosmos. Filmed with specialist equipment in studio and outdoor locations, this gorgeous film will be equally engaging to the uninitiated as it is to science enthusiasts and, most importantly, to the next generation of scientists and engineers. A fresh documentary short exploring the surprising ways the beauty and wonder of mathematics manifests in nature.

mathematician math astronomy nature fractal biology chemistry botany