Bodies of Water

May 2024 Issue

Bodies of Water take on many identities. A well, a pond, a river, a stream, a sea, a fountain, a bay, a lake, an ocean. They hold an innate right to exist and merit safeguarding, being universal and vital sources of our water supply. And yet, these bodies refer to the very life within the blue depths pulsating away. Through the immersed lens of a camera eye, we bear witness to the haunting beauty of life forms both real and imagined, their forms twisting and undulating in the gentle embrace of the currents. Yet, amid the beauty and wonder of these submerged worlds, there lurks a haunting question: are these embodiments merely specters of the imagination, or do they serve as silent cries for help from a realm beyond our understanding? As we gaze upon their shimmering forms, we are left to ponder the nature of our own existence and the interconnectedness of all life beneath the waves.

Reverie Falls On Water

Orsolya Szantho United Arab Emirates, Hungary 2019