2011 | India | Documentary

Not a Very Green Revolution

  • English 9 mins
  • Director | Chintan Gohil
  • Producer | Chintan Gohil

This film is currently not available.   

We are now witnessing the beginning of the second Green Revolution in India. The Punjab in the north-west of India was an experiment to test an oil-based, chemically dependent, corporately controlled model. The land, the water and its inhabitants are now a testament to a failed system. A system is driven not by a desire to enhance an already sustainable system but to destroy it and replace it with one orientated around profit and plunder.

The film is from an interview taken with Indian food policy analyst Devinder Sharma 
and the farming communities of Punjab.

Produced by Chintan Gohil chintangohil.com

Centre for Interdisciplinary Study cintdis.org/
Music by Alien Soap Opera, Second Wave

agriculture environment soil water pesticide sustainability