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Insects in the City: can cities save our bees?
Barry J. Gibb
Shape Shifting
Elke Marhöfer, Mikhail Lylov
Unbroken Ground
Chris Malloy
Alles was Irgendwie NütztAll (All What is Somehow Useful )
Pim Zwier
Hugo Perez
Asier Altuna
Illustration Compostage
Élise Auffray
Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn
Nathan Dappen, Neil Losin
The catalysts of Change: Water woes in Rajasthan
Chintan Gohil
A Festival of Seed
Jason Taylor, Chintan Gohil
Upendra has Worms
Chintan Gohil
Of Cows and Men
Emily Fraser
A Numbness in the Mouth
Kevin Gaffney
The Stability of the System
Sasha Litvintseva, Isabel Mallet 
Sowing the Seeds of Change
Doreen Edemafaka
The Orchard Keepers
Bryony Dunne
Wild Plants
Nicolas Humbert
Joseph Childs
Light Plate
Josh Gibson
Dennis Raetzel