Science on Screen Ireland

  • Nov 4 - Nov 8, 2020
  • English 83 mins
  • Director | Alexis Gambis
  • Writer | Alexis Gambis

Ireland’s first science film festival, the ‘Science on Screen Film Festival’ an exciting new annual event, runs from the 5th to the 8th November 2020 online. The Festival will showcase the best of science in film and this year incorporates themes of representation and diversity in science, public trust in science and the value of art-science collaborations. The festival is a partnership between CÚRAM, the SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices based at NUI Galway and Galway Film Centre. Events are free, but tickets are limited and registration is necessary.

We're proud partners of this event that is enabled through Labocine Pro and the Satellite Initiative at Imagine Science Films.

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‘How to’ Guide to the Festival
Due to COVID restrictions, our inaugural film festival takes place online. Please note that due to restrictions the films can only be viewed in the Republic of Ireland. The Q&As however can be viewed from the world over.

The following Q & As are here to guide you on how to have the best festival experience.
The full programme can be viewed here. You can register for films and events here.

How can I book tickets to the films?
All films are free to view but tickets are limited. Registration is necessary. Go to to book tickets. Choose a film and click the RENT button. Type in your name and email address, choose a password and you are registered. Then the film is added to your library.

How can I watch the films?
You can view the film any time from when it is scheduled in the programme. To access your library, go to and login with your registration details. Click on your name and a drop down tab appears with ‘library’ as an option. Your films are stored there.

The film stays in your library for 5 days from the date of streaming. Once you press play, you have 30 hours to watch the film as many times as you like. Note: Films can no longer be viewed after November 13th.

Any questions?
Email technical questions to Email questions about our programme to

Live Habitats
Alexis Gambis
Thomas Campbell Jackson
Stuart Firestein
Leslie Vosshall
Gerry Ohrstrom
Felicia Keesing
Garland Allen
Haskell King