The Mineral Universe

December 2018 Issue

When it comes to filmmaking, a few fields of science tend to steal the spotlight. Mutant DNA and space exploration offer inarguably exciting possibilities for plotline and memorable visuals, but we believe that any subject can prove equally inspiring when you really delve into it. Even the seemingly static worlds of geology and mineralogy. For Earth is primarily a mineral body -- our world of biological life is only tiny outer covering beyond which many secrets lie. Beneath our feet a multitude of elemental dramas play out: matter in transformation, crystal growth, concentrated energy, volcanic shifts, radioactive isotopes. So for this issue we unearth gems from across inorganic cinema, from speculative crystallography to familial diamond procedurals to seismic documentary.

Divieto 2

Alex Tyson Italy, United States 2018

Afghan Coal

Zeynep Kececiler Turkey, Afghanistan 2018

The Lanthanide Series

Erin Espelie United States, France, United Kingdom 2014