Science New Wave

November 2022 Issue

The November Issue brings to us the very first edition of the "Science New Wave' annual series. Every year, Labocine will spotlight the latest films that propose bold, singular, and oftentimes hybrid ways to bring to life science-on-screen. These very films both espouse and shake up the very traits of the Science New Wave movement, acting as enzymes and mutagens interacting with genetic material.  Scientific storytelling is increasingly and fearlessly experimenting in form and style. Scientific stories are becoming more personal and hybrid, tackling issues pertaining both to the individual and the world at-large. How are artists, scientists and educators working together to create singular narratives? The boundaries between scientific data and cinema magic are dissolving. Similar to developing organisms, science films are emerging with new traits and new forms.



Ellie Heydon United Kingdom 2021

A Letter from Yene

Manthia Diawara Portugal, Senegal, United Kingdom, Greece 2022


Ellie Ga Sweden, Portugal, France 2022