2021 | United Kingdom, Ireland | Documentary,Experimental

The Two Faces of Tomorrow

  • 39 mins
  • Director | Patrick Hough
  • Writer | Daisy Hildyard

This film is currently not available.   

Algae have helped shape life on Earth in ways we can barely imagine. But in his visually exquisite science fiction documentary ‘The Two Faces of Tomorrow’, film artist Patrick Hough gives us a speculative insight into this peculiar life form. Through the observations of an unseen scientist, we move from a Roman bathhouse to a high-tech laboratory where a team of scientists in space suits are developing bio-fuels and artificial food. The relationship between human and non-human life forms is a rich field that Hough’s philosophically dizzying essay uncovers in thought-provoking threads that stitch together the relationships between algae and capitalism, the Earth and ourselves in new constellations

algae climate change biofuel Earth science fiction space scientist