2022 | Kuwait | Fiction,Short

AFREET: Honeycomb Boom

  • English None 9 mins
  • Director | Omar Al-Nakib
  • Writer | Omar Al-Nakib
  • Producer | Omar Al-Nakib

This film is currently not available.   

A demon enters the frequencies of a song as it's being recorded and possesses the musician, who vomits out the sound. The sound then sends the musician on a wild goose chase from the roof of her house to the city, farmlands, the desert and, finally, the beach—where she collapses from exhaustion. 

She makes her way back home, cools off, and grabs a glass of water. As she sips, she comes to a sudden realization, and spits it out. She takes out her boom mic, and inspects the glass. A faint, odd sound appears to be coming from the water.

She is interrupted by her housemate. As the housemate complains about a blocked nose, the musician ever so slowly aims her mic at him. A strained, demonic sound can be heard. She then slowly lowers the mic, and turns the sound knob on her external recorder to zero.


Horror Comedy Sound Music