Life and Other Cataclysms

October 2018 Issue

Crisis. Entropy. Extinction. This year's Imagine Science Film Festival takes a hard look at the high stakes for all life on Earth and beyond, and Labocine this month expands and embellishes the conversation with a selection of past and present favorites that take these questions of survival even further. Between nuclear proliferation, species loss and dwindling resources, existence itself is not assured. But for every dystopia, a corresponding utopia may be within reach. It may be a struggle, but the record of all life is that of an eon-spanning fight to stay alive. Join us for tumultuous natural history and startling feats of adaptation, deadly risks and feats of modern medicine, the deaths of stars and the extraordinary paths to SURVIVAL.


Stefano Nurra United Kingdom 2016


G Anthony Svatek United States, New Zealand 2017


Alexis Gambis United Arab Emirats 2017