2016 | Lebanon | Fiction


  • Arabic English 21 mins
  • Director | Mounia Akl
  • Writer | Mounia Akl

This film is currently not available.   

Under the imminent threat of Lebanon’s 2015 garbage crisis, Hala, a wild child inside of a woman, is the only one to refuse evacuation, clinging to whatever remains of home.

Mounia Akl is a director and writer from Lebanon based in New York with an MFA in Directing from Columbia. Apart from directing and screenwriting, Mounia is a directing faculty at the NHSI film summer institute at Northwestern University in Chicago, and was a preceptor in Screenwriting at Columbia University. She is currently writing her feature film "The Most Beautiful Place in the World" with Spanish co-writer Clara Roquet.  Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival. 

disease waste health dystopia love infection pollution