Altered Perceptions
April 2017

Visualization for the blind. Music and poetry for the deaf. The memory encased in olfaction. And these are just normal functions of our perceptive systems. What about the new sensations and sensitivities that may be mediated by (or side effects of) our proximity to technology? All April, immerse yourself in perception: whether exotic, mundane, or hypothetical.

Issue Cover

Narcissus by Shirin Abedinirad
Is nature aware of its own beauty? The question came to me after reading the mythological story of Narcissus and spending time in the desert, which to me, represents purity. Humans are able to see the exquisiteness of nature with their own eyes; I wanted to alter the perspective so that the desert could witness its own beauty. This land art installation was exhibited in Iran Central Desert, 2013.



An Eyeful of Sound
Samantha Moore
Quiet Zone
David Bryant, Karl Lemieux
Fernando Cucchietti, Guillermo Marin
The Decelerator Helmet
Lorenz Potthast
The Sound Inside
Tyler Trumbo
Noah Shulman
Mike Paterson
Dreams of Alice
Cidney Hue
Talk With Your Hands
Toby Smith
Here There
Alexander Stewart
Sound Shadows
Julie Engaas
Expression of the Sightless
Jessica Sarah Rinland
Dimitris Papathanasis
The Nose
Seán Vicary
Science for the Masses
C.S. Ward & Lauren Knapp
Corey Creasey, Ian Kibbey, Terri Timely
The Smell Test
Sarah Crespi, Nguyen Khoi Nguyen