2015 | United States | Documentary

Science for the Masses

  • English 11 mins
  • Director | C.S. Ward & Lauren Knapp

This film is currently not available.   

Two citizen scientists challenge the monolith of the scientific industry through their own open source experimentation, all from the comfort of their garage.

Biohacking is a small but energized movement among professional and amateur scientists alike who are taking experimentation into their own hands. The movement is embodied by an unlikely pair, who have become roommates and labmates in a small town in southern California. Gabriel & Jeff have turned their off-the-grid abode into an environmentally sustainable biotech lab where they are developing technologies like contact lenses that enable the user to see in infrared. SCIENCE FOR THE MASSES explores the motivation of these two intensely curious individuals as they challenge traditional academic and industry science, through their own open source experimentation.

biohacking diy perception outsider lab transhumanism grinding electromagnetism