2015 | Croatia, United States | Animation,Experimental

Here There

  • English 5 mins
  • Director | Alexander Stewart
  • Writer | Alexander Stewart
  • Producer | Vanja Andrijević

A travelogue that is at once strange and familiar, abstract and real.

Here There gives graphic form to memory’s malleable, straying lines. It begins as a traveler’s sketchbook, drawn in Croatia in the summer of 2014, but details soon fade away into abstract impressions on the edges of memory. This film is a reduction to the essence, a condensed feeling of one place and time.

script, directing, design, editing, sound: Alexander Stewart
animation: Alexander Stewart, Darko Masnec
coloring:  Ivan Košutić, Jelena Oroz
scanning and clean-up: Dina Karadžić, Dora Bilandžić, Jason Ammonheuser, Megan Jedrysiak
color correction: Mario Kalogjera
sound mix: Gideon Kiers
producer: Vanja Andrijević


perception phenomenology vision travel memory emotion
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