2016 | Canada | Animation

When Time Moves Faster

  • 7 mins
  • Director | Anna Vasof
  • Writer |
  • Producer |

This film is currently not available.   

Among other things Anna Vasof´s working method was influenced by precinematic devices stemming from her fascination with the movement of photographic images. These only appear animated given our persistence of vision. Vasof cites the Zoetrope as an example of this phenomenon, a device that filled people of all ages with wonder at fairs of old.

When Time Moves Faster demonstrates Anna Vasof´s unbelievable pleasure in experimentation and simultaneously shares her delight in demonstrating the illusion enabled solely through the medium of cinema. She proceeds similarly in four vivid, separetly titled demonstrative procedures: First, an original action is presented through a performance - the introduction leads to an exciting state of suspense from the start. Vasof spares no effort in converting everyday objects into mechanical constructions necessary for the shooting of her film. We see the artist walking around in shoes to which a roll of paper mounted with photographs is attached; plates painted with images of gear wheels and layered on top of one another in wooden frames are individually smashed to pieces by a hammer; people standing in a circle embody the various phases of walking. My favorite piece is entitled "Travel to the Window". It shows a figure in various phases of swinging printed on curtains swaying back and forth, resulting in a charming animation flooded with light! The viewer has an idea what might happen when the tempo of the sequences accelerates, but it always comes as a surprise how far more complex everything becomes. In the end, our view out the window becomes free and a car passes by: Reality is outside, the illusion is over. (Brigitta Burger-Utzer)

time film invention outsider perception
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