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films containing keyword(s): animation
The Lodge
Terril Calder
I Do Not Know Who I Am
Constantine Konovalov
Alles was Irgendwie NütztAll (All What is Somehow Useful )
Pim Zwier
Fighting Infection by Clonal Selection
Etsuko Uno, Drew Berry
Sylwia Gawel
Primatologist Patricia Wright as ring tailed lemur, test for "The Jollies"
Rachel Mayeri
Darkened Horizons
Karen Aqua, Ken Field
Painted Stone
Alex H. Parker
See Memory
Viviane Silvera
Johan Rijpma
Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts
Brian M. Cassidy, Melanie Shatzky
Primate Cinema: How to Act like an Animal
Rachel Mayeri
Animated Life: Seeing the Invisible
Flora Lichtman, Sharon Shattuck
Animated Life: Mary Leakey
Sharon Shattuck, Flora Lichtman
Death & Taxidermy
Mariel Carr
Erään hyönteisen tuho (The Death of an Insect)
Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen
An Eyeful of Sound
Samantha Moore
El Sol Como un Gran Animal Oscuro (The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal)
Christina Felisgrau, Ronnie Rivera
The Reality Clock
Amanda Tasse
Konstantina Kotzamani
Worlds: The Kepler Planet Candidates
Alex Harrison Parker
Spectacular Science: The Lifecycle of a Mushroom
Tom Beg
Living Still Life
Bertrand Mandico