2011 | India | Documentary,Experimental


  • Bangla, English, Hindi EST print 52 mins
  • Director | Anirban Datta
  • Writer | Anirban Datta
  • Producer | Public Service Broadcasting Trust

This film is currently not available.   

The uniqueness of documentary filmmaking is the possibility of recording events unfolding along the perimeter of the subject. That's where this film was born. With tears and with the loss of a very dear friend, Wasted was conceived.  Ancient agrarian India believed nothing is waste. No Indian vernaculars have a word for waste. It came as a concept with the industrial revolution, borne by the colonial history onto an ancient agrarian culture.  Waste has become a currency of development now. Wasted is a personal accord vis-à-vis India and the mountain of waste it produces as a global economic giant. Also, looking back at me as a documentary filmmaker and the waste I produce to make my films, the film tries to look back at material I shot for my previous films and tries to use them as found footage.

Wasted is a sequel to .in for motion

waste found footage recycle technology plastic Industrialization ethnography