2008 | India | Documentary,Experimental,Feature

.in for motion

  • English, Bangla, Hindi, Telugu EST imprinted on video 59 mins
  • Director | Anirban Datta
  • Writer | Anirban Datta
  • Producer | Amlan Datta

This film is currently not available.   

.in for motion is a visual essay about the dramatic change that the world’s largest democracy goes through around this millennium. Economic liberalization, and the IT revolution takes place in a country simultaneously, where the real industrial revolution never happened.  The cities expand vertically and horizontally, the consumables change in variety and choice. Citizens realize their power as consumer, democracy’s fundamental unit assums a new identity. Underneath, the country witnesses an ever-increasing drain of inhabitants to the cities, fields of traditional crops give way to industries, hillocks to IT towers. The population, once considered a burden, today coupled with education and professional exposure appears to become world’s largest contributor to the ever-growing IT industry.  One development erases memory of the previous. The fact that India was amongst the earliest in Asia to develop digital computers indigenously is a forgotten story today. This film is my journey through the alleys of development, cutting across multi ethno-cultural routes, tracing the disconnect, what lies behind the information hole.

IT revolution information Technology Development Ecology Environment Neoliberalism Digital Divide