1988 | India | Documentary

Voices from Baliapal

  • English, Oriya English 40 mins
  • Director | Vasudha Joshi, Ranjan Palit
  • Producer | Vector Productions

This film is currently not available.   

Voices from Baliapal is a film that explores the non-violent resistance by 70,000 fishermen and farmers to attempts to displace them for a missile testing range.  Self-financed and shot in about five days, the film is an almost lyrical protest against the previous government’s attempts to grab farmland in Orissa for a missile testing range. The 40-minute film begins with a chant by fishermen to Shiva: “Lord, why don’t you listen to us? Sitting in your temple you think you’re so strong. You have turned to stone.”

Voices from Baliapal won the National Award for the Best Film on Social Issues, 1989 and the Golden Conch, 1990

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