2014 | Canada | Documentary

To Taste the Ground

  • 23 mins
  • Director | Shannon Harris

This film is currently not available.   

To Taste the Ground is a lyrical documentary that viscerally moves through the seasonal life cycle of a small organic farm in British Columbia, Canada. The remote farm exists off grid in the Fraser Canyon with solar power and water that flows from the surrounding mountains. The relationship between the farmers and their environment is one of equality and respect. The camera embodies this by capturing an experience of season and place. The seasons moving over the landscape embody a character in itself and the farmers live and move within this rhythm. 

Shooting on a 16mm Bolex camera addresses both aesthetic and process oriented concerns. The images from this kind of camera seem to breathe. Non-sync sound floats close to the image and creatively describes the sonic textures and dynamics of each season. A poem instead of prose, the film explores a more experiential way of knowing and ultimately a different way of being in the world.

earth ecology environment landscape work by women
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