1991 | India, England | Documentary

Something Like a War

  • 52 mins
  • Director | Deepa Dhanraj

This film is currently not available.   

Something Like a War is an Indian documentary by Deepa Dhanraj made in 1991. It examines India's family planning program revolved on the gender it primarily affects: women.

This documentary is a chilling examination of India’s family planning program from the point of view of the women who are its primary targets. It traces the history of the family planning program and exposes the cynicism, corruption and brutality which characterizes its implementation. As the women themselves discuss their status, sexuality, fertility control and health, it is clear that their perceptions are in conflict with those of the program. SOMETHING LIKE A WAR is an excellent resource for the study of international development and aid, population control, reproductive rights, health and women.


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