2018 | Denmark | Documentary,Experimental,Short

Soft Awareness

  • English 13 mins
  • Director | Cecilie Flyger Hansen, Anastasia Karkazis, Olivia Scheibye
  • Writer | Cecilie Flyger Hansen, Anastasia Karkazis
  • Producer | Cecilie Flyger Hansen, Anastasia Karkazis, Olivia Scheibye

This film is currently not available.   

'Soft Awareness' is a film about the interaction between human and machine. An authentic dialogue between a young woman and an artificially intelligent computer evolves into an aesthetically refined piece of documentary sci-fi. In surrounding at once familiar and disturbingly alien, the dialogue unfolds across the camera line in the natural habitat of the young woman. Personal interests, values and dreams. The artificial brain is - seemingly! -in tune with both casual smalltalk and abstract lines of thought, while at the same it is busy turning the whole thing into algortihms. But is there still a limit to how far artificial intelligence can bluff it? 

identity AI digital communication artificial intelligence technology sci-fi data