2016 | Spain | Animation


  • English 3 mins
  • Director | Guillermo Marin, Fernando Cucchietti
  • Writer | Cristian Selvas
  • Producer | BSC Scientific Visualization Team

This film is currently not available.   

Simulados is the story of a hunter-gatherer from 12000 years ago trying to survive in one of the most extreme climates in the world. In this journey we'll learn how computer simulations help us understand the workings of our societies, and how they might help us face the consequences of complex challenges such as climate change.

The main topic of the documentary are the computer simulations of human societies, which lies within the so called digital humanities field. More in particular, the research described is a multidisciplinary collaboration between archeologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and computer scientists. The theme addressed by the documentary is the idea that computer social simulations can help us understand complex systems like societies, and in particular find some insight into the consequences of their decisions in the face of large challenges such as climate change.


Directors: Guillermo Marin y Fernando Cucchietti; 

Script: Cristian Selvas; 

Technical Director: Fernando Cucchietti; 

Art Direction and Animation: Guillermo Marin;

Colorist: Pablo Mejlachowicz

Junior 3D artist: Juan Carlos Nava 

Sound design: eDic Edi Calderón

Music: Jazzquezz y eDic Edi Calderón;

Narrator: Karina Matas;

Produced by: BSC Scientific Visualization Team

simulation data anthropology neolithic climate change hunter-gatherer