2018 | United States | Documentary

Reanimation ep6: Monsters in the Machine

  • English 4 mins
  • Director | Joe Richard

This film is currently not available.   

In the sixth film of this series, a response to the 200th anniversary Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, historian and philosopher of science Margaret Wertheim, neuroscientist and AI researcher Daniel Baer, and engineer and ethicist Branden Allenby reflect on our perpetually evolving definition of and ethical parameters around intelligence and artificiality. Animated by Joe Bichard and produced by Massive Science. 

Episode 6 Words by
Daniel Bear, neuroscientist and AI researcher massivesci.com/people/daniel-bear/
Margaret Wertheim, science writer and curator margaretwertheim.com/
Braden Allenby, environmental ethicist and environmental attorney sustainability.asu.edu/person/braden-allenby/
Direction and Animation by Joe Bichard joebichard.com/
Sound + Music by Skillbard skillbard.com/
A Co-Production of Massive + Plympton massivesci.com/ + plympton.com/
Producer Harriet Bailey harriet-bailey.com/
Senior Producer Nadja Oertelt nadjaoertelt.com/
Executive Producers Ed Finn + Bob Beard edfinn.net/ + csi.asu.edu/people/bob-beard/

Produced for the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project at Arizona State University frankenstein.asu.edu/
In partnership with the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab media.mit.edu/
Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation sloan.org/

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