2012 | India | Documentary

Radiation Stories Part 03

  • Tamil English 80 mins
  • Director | Amudhan R.P.
  • Writer | Amudhan R.P.
  • Producer | Amudhan R.P.

This film is currently not available.   

Fishworkers of Idinthakarai village in southern Indian state of Tamilnadu, with an active support of nearby villages and towns, and the civil society including media, political parties, voluntary organisations, trade unions, women's groups, intellectuals, artists and activists from both within and outside India, organised a series of peaceful protests for more than a decade against the Koodankulam Nuclear Project, a government nuclear program in colloboration with Russia. 

The film tries to bring out a slice of the resitance that had to face police repression, false court cases, crude scientific community, consumerist middle and upper class, and undemocratic governments. As the filmmaker moves around with the camera among the protesters, and records the events and experiences in a cinema verite style, what unfolds is an action, emotion and wit packed activist documentary. 

This film is part of the trilogy by the filmmaker on nuclear radiation and related stories from Tamilnadu. 

nuclear plants resistance fishing community