2015 | USA | Documentary

Quiet Title

  • English 36 mins
  • Director | Alina Taalman
  • Producer | Alina Taalman

This film is currently not available.   

When we lived in the house it was surrounded by forest, with a long unpaved driveway leading through the woods to the school bus stop. The history of the house was palpable. Growing up, my sisters and I heard voices, saw lights and dreamed of other beings. My mother and I shared a recurring dream of strangers on the driveway, where stonewalls marked the old road through town. After the sale of the house, my dreams returned and the question emerged; were we the ones now haunting the house? When I ask my father about the past, he answers with the Theory of Relativity, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and the speed of light. He dreams of being on a distant star, where he can look back and see things as they used to be. Just as we perceive the moon, as it was 1.2 seconds ago and the sun, as it existed 8 minutes ago, great distances allow us an opportunity to look back in time.

ghost haunting home house architecture family memory space perception history dream time