2014 | Norway | Animation

Our Resilient Genome

  • English 5 mins
  • Director | Alexandra Pina Kingman
  • Writer | Alexandra Pina Kingman
  • Producer |

Our Resilient Genome is a short science animation that tells the story of our DNA, how it is constantly breaking and rebuilding over and over again to keep us alive, and provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of cellular biology.

This work has been carried out within the PhysioIllustration project and is funded by NFR (project #218023), The Bergen University Fund (Universitetsfondet), and BEK/ Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst bek.no

Project Web Page: ii.uib.no/vis/projects/physioillustration/research/our-resilient-genome.html

Director, Animator, Writer: Alexandra Pina Kingman

Voice Actors: Eamonn O'Connell & Sarah Blowers

Music: Bird (https://vimeo.com/birdmusic)
Contributors and Scientific Advisors:
Anne-Kristin Stavrum (UiB, Bioinformatikk) 
Ivan Viola (UiB & TUWien) 
Mathias Ziegler (UiB, MolBiologi) 
Valérie Schreiber (CNRS)
Helwig Hauser (UiB, Informatikk, Visualiseringsgruppen)
Visualization Group, Department of Informatics, University of Bergen

DNA Genome Replication Binding Strand Nucleotide Transcription Damage Break Repair
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