2016 | Australia | Animation,Music Video,Short

Non Linear

  • English 6 mins
  • Director | Linnea Rundgren, Hugo Farrant
  • Writer | Linnea Rundgren, Hugo Farrant
  • Producer | Linnea Rundgren & Hugo Farrant

This film is currently not available.   

A collaboration between a photographer, a poet, an animator and an electronic music producer.  Linnea Rundgren is a unique photographer, who uses an electron microscope to take viewers into hitherto unseen realms of life – past, present and future.

Over the past several years she has accumulated an extraordinary collection of images – ancient single-celled fossils; human, animal and insect anatomy; crystalline structures; …and nanotechnology. No one who sees her pictures can remain unaffected.  This includes Hugo The Poet, who met Linnea in Melbourne and was struck by the innovative work that she does. The two decided to collaborate on a cross-over piece, using Linnea’s photos to tell a story of life. Linnea put many of her best pictures into a narrative order and Hugo weaved a poem that tells a form of retrospective creation myth, incorporating not only evolution but also the coming dawn of nanotechnology. What they now required was music and vision.  For music, it was an easy choice. One electronic music pioneer from Belgium has created music that can sum up the confluence and flow and creativity of life on Earth from its inception to the nano-tech world that is to come. Sk’p is a truly extraordinary artist, and his style is perhaps best exemplified in his masterpiece Eye Earth Pt. 2. He has kindly given permission for this track to be used in the piece.  On the vision side, there came on board Dave Abbott – a Photo/Video, VFX, animation and editing renegade also based in Melbourne – who set to work turning a simple slideshow of still images into an immersive fully animated experience.  This all culminated in the work that you are about to see. A soliloquy from the Earth itself, congratulating life for all its inventiveness over the past several billion years, and giving some encouragement – and some caution – for the next stage of nano-technological creativity.

micro cosmos life evolution S.E.M. microscope microscopy photography music poetry