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films containing keyword(s): micro
Micro Empire
Clemens Wirth
STED - Mikroskopie jenseits optischer Grenzen
Beate Häutemann
Scanning Tunneling microscope
Atomic Force microscope
Micro-vasculature of the mouse brain
Nicolas Renier, Christoph Kirst
Orsolya Szantho
Eric Schockmel
Aleks Cicha
Mynarski Death Plummet
Matthew Rankin
Monteith McCollum
The Secret World of Moths
Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen
Anne Milne
Avalanche Engineers
Abigail Kent
Noah Shulman
Nanosporin AI
Stephen Hal Fishman
Mechanical bending of micropillars by C. elegans
Rafael (Yong-Ak) Song
Ring Resonator
Rafael (Yong-Aka) Song
Developing Butterfly Scales (SuppMovie 02 Dinwiddie)
Ryan Null, Nipam Patel
Painted Butterfly Lady - Both Wings
Aaron Pomerantz, Damien Gailly, Rachel Thayer, Nipam Patel
Squid: Coming to Life
Nipam Patel
Eskil Waldenstrøm
Supravital stains reacting under a microscope at 40x
Nick Viana
Alcohol interacting with immersion oil & supravital stains under a microscope at 40x
Nick Viana
A supravital stain dries and reveals a colorful landscape under a microscope at 40x
Nick Viana
Revealing the final moments of a bubble under a microscope at 40x
Nick Viana