2014 | USA | Animation


  • 4 mins
  • Director | Yaya Xu

This film is currently not available.   

Mirage explores the essence of memory and its significance in our lives. It shows the serendipitous convergence of our memories in the formation of a man's body. Everything he saw became part of him. Our memories are more often than not unstable and fluid retellings of past events that are presented through subjective interpretations. This makes them very inaccurate depictions of our pasts. Meanwhile, it is these fluid and inaccurate memories that make up our lives. In this short film, memories are illusions in a novel of one's own creation. The truth behind these stories is fragile and easily lost. A man builds his body full of beautiful memories, but also, inevitably painful ones. The memory of misery infects the whole body. Finally, he decides to give up his body and return to a shadow. On the one hand, we choose to forget something or change the memories to create a different world: a world we feel comfortable with, a world we understand, a world as much as we hope it to be. On the other hand, nothing will ever truly be forgotten, as knowledge and influence will never disappear. The appearance of the truth might seem impossible to restore. But maybe that is not the case any more.

memory body mind brain