2014 | Italy, United States | Experimental,Short

I was born screaming in America

  • English 2 mins
  • Director | Sandro Bocci

"On 16 December 1961, the world is turned upside down and turned to the outside, and I was born screming in America. It was the tale end of the American Dream, just before we lost our innocence irrevocably, when the cameras took us home the horror of our lives because everyone could see it.They told me that when I grew up, I could become what I wanted: a firefighter, police officer, doctor, it seemed even the President, and for the first time in human history, a novelty: the astronaut.But as with many children growing up on bread and westerns, I always wanted to be a cowboy,the lonely voice in the wilderness, fighting against corruption and evil, wherever they are, defending freedom, truth and justice ....and deep in my heart, yet I follow the traces of that dream wherever I go, in my eternal ride into the sunset. "

Words: Bill Hicks (from "Revelation")
Music: Maurizio Morganti
Images: Sandro Bocci


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