2003 | India | Documentary

Hawamahal (Palace of the Wind)

  • English English 59 mins
  • Director | Vipin Vijay
  • Writer | Tuhinabha Majumdar, Vipin Vijay
  • Producer | Rajiv Mehrotra

This film is currently not available.   

HAWAMAHAL, a video on the Holy Little Box, the RADIO. A boy dressed up as “Shiva’ – Bahuroopi – (the primordial DJ), a lonely housewife who substantiates her husband’s absence with the radio, a Disc Jockey, a Radio Jockey (RJ), a radio play, a girl in a call center, a pub, a couple who frequently shift their house, a child prodigy singer from the 40’s who impersonated the female voice, an early singer who could never sing at the radio station, she addressing the microphone, a girl who calls up the radio station to talk to her favorite RJ, a radio actor, a radio mise-en-scene, Buster Keaton- the silent performer, oral spaces --- Radio here is very much a liberal instrument -- it might be your extended organ, it can move with you, it is transparent as a dream, an oral dream. It even can be played at a grave cinematically!

radio sound memory