2016 | Portugal | Documentary

Espectador Espantado (The Amazed Spectator)

  • Portuguese English 70 mins
  • Director | Edgar Pera

This film is currently not available.   

“To be amazed is to interrogate”. THE AMAZED SPECTATOR is a kine-investigation about spectatorship, a continuous conversation between different kinds of spectators: Which is more cinema? - Citizen Kane on a mobile phone or a football game projected in a cinema theatre? What is the Cinema of Uncertainty? How many kinds of Amazement exist? Fear and Belief precedes Amazement? What are the rights and duties of the Spectator? Is the Essay Film a manifesto against voyeurism? Should spectators be paid? What amazes the spectator of today?

“The battle is on the screen”, mixing projected interviews (to film critics, academics, filmmakers and cinephiles) with actions shot in cinema theatres, THE AMAZED SPECTATOR is a 3D film that crosses genres and dimensions, between essay and manifesto, expressionism and trans-realism.

film history perception digital analog vision eye philosophy ghost physiology brain dream
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