2017 | India | Documentary

Chasing Tails

  • 54 mins
  • Director | Madhavi Tangella

This film is currently not available.   

Every night, Muneera Shaikh can be seen walking through the desolate western express highway with a bag of food gently tucked on her back. Stray dogs and cats anxiously wait for her along the footpaths and boundary walls. She feeds each one of them, talking to them, running her hand across their back to check for injuries and ticks. At times, she disappears into the dark crevices under the flyover. She reappears with a group of dogs around her. Chasing Tails encapsulates the dramatic life of Muneera, an animal feeder living in Mumbai. Shot entirely at night, the film presents her encounters at night, struggles and compassion.


animals compassion journey