2012 | India | Documentary

Can We See The Baby Bump Please?

  • Hindi English Subtitles 49 mins
  • Director | Surabhi Sharma
  • Writer | Surabhi Sharma
  • Producer | Sama, Resource Group for Women and Health

This film is currently not available.   

Routine Skype conversations with the parents of the child growing in her womb does not make the surrogate’s condition less alienating. This often exploitative and stigmatised labour of the marginalised woman is the keystone of the rapidly expanding fertility industry.

The global reach of medical tourism and commercial surrogacy spawns a range of clinics and practices across big cities and small towns in India.Anonymous, often with limited choice, woman’s labour is yet again pushed into the background. A whiff of immorality, the absence of regulation and the erasure of the surrogate’s experience collude to produce a climate of callousness. May we see the baby bump please? meets with surrogates, doctors, law firms,agents, and family in an attempt to understand the context of surrogacy in India.

commercial surrogacy technology reproductive rights women health body