2011 | Switzerland, USA | Documentary

Bluebrain: The Critics

  • 2011 mins
  • Director | Noah Hutton

This film is currently not available.   

Director's Notes

I started making Bluebrain in 2009 after I saw Henry Markram give his TED talk promising to build a sentient simulation of the human brain on IBM supercomputers within 10 years. I proposed to Markram and his team to make a 10-year documentary tracking their endeavor, and they gave me access starting that year. Since then, I've visited them steadily once or twice a year, interviewing the same scientists over and over again, as they've had children, moved labs, faced harsh criticism of their work, and yes, gradually moved the goalposts of their original goal to more realistic and humble visions of what will be achieved in this ten year window.

The second clip features neuroscientist Sebastian Seung going head-to-head with Markram on connectomics versus functional brain simulation.

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