2007 | India | Documentary

Ambi Jiji's Retirement

  • 29 mins
  • Director | Nandini Bedi
  • Producer | Rajiv Mehrotra

This film is currently not available.   

Ambi Jiji turns jhum fields in Meghalaya into orchards, providing food security. Award winner at Delhi and screened at festivals in Kathmandu, Madurai and Mumbai.

Documentary on changes in traditional farming methods of jhum fields. This film explores how Ambi Jiji always planted her crops on soil where forests have been burnt. This jhum field would then be abandonded and left to regenerate into a forest and a new one burnt. Increasingly jhum fields are being turned into orchards which provide cash and food security. Through Ambi Jiji and her daughters, we see the passing of a way of life in remote village in Meghalaya.



sustainability farming privatization agriculture community development