2011 | Japan | Animation


  • 7 mins
  • Director | Isamu Hirabayashi
  • Writer | Isamu Hirabayashi

This film is currently not available.   

663114 comes after the recent major earthquake which struck Japan. There is a desire as an artist to make something to leave behind and it is a piece of work that has been made with a feeling like that of a prayer.

Director: Isamu Hirabayashi
Animation: Isamu Hirabayashi
Music: Takashi Watanabe
Sound Mix: Yusuke Toyoura
Throat: Hideo Kusumi
Voice: Midori Kurata
Sound Design: Keitaro Iijima
Foley Assistant: Momoko Iijima
Art Director: Ken Murakami
Animation Assistant: Mina Yonezawa
Distributor: Tamaki Okamoto CaRTe bLaNChe

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