2017 | Canada | Animation,Documentary

Persistence & Vision

  • English 3 mins
  • Director | Mahalia Lepage, Jeremiah Yarmie

This film is currently not available.   

Persistence & Vision is a video animation project that explores science from the perspectives of undergraduate research students at the University of Manitoba. It celebrates their work and the questions they are trying to answer, enhances the communication of science across disciplines, and delves into what it is really like to do research. Each video focuses on one undergraduate student and one research project, and each is a look into a different world of science.

In this first video of the series, Ryan Sherbo describes the experience of doing math-bio research to model the spread of disease.

This project was produced as part of the STEAM initiative at the University of Manitoba, through collaboration between several science-minded people.

Mahalia Lepage (animations, editing, co-director)
B.Sc. (genetics / biochemistry), University of Manitoba
Mahalia has research experience and a science background of her own, which she draws from to produce imagery and visualizations with a certain scientific authenticity. Persistence & Vision is her first animation project.

Jeremiah Yarmie (video / audio, editing, co-director)
B.Sc. (genetics / biochemistry), University of Manitoba
M.S.Comm, Laurentian University (in progress)
Jeremiah is a science writer and communicator, also with science and research experience to back it up. His interests and skills converge in exploring science through video and new media, through which he especially likes to tell stories and connect to the human aspects of science.

Seema Goel (producer, co-director)
B.Sc. (environmental biology), McGill University
M.A. (sculpture), Rhode Island School of Design
Seema is an artist who produces work that plays at the interface of art and science, frequently with interactive or responsive elements. She is currently the first STEAM Coordinator and Artist-In-Residence for the University of Manitoba Faculty of Science.

Kira Koop (video)
B.F.A., University of Manitoba
M.LIS, San Jose State University (in progress)
Kira is an artist / photographer who explores the lab and field through her camera. She is currently the STEAM photographer for the University of Manitoba Faculty of Science.

Alison Davis is a Winnipeg-based animation filmmaker, who helped greatly with advice about this project.

Music: “Pythagoras” by Podington Bear, Free Music Archive, CC BY-NC

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