Orsolya Szantho, Attilio Rigotti & Joseph E. LeDoux May 22 2024

Survival Circuits and Human Nature


We're delighted to be hosting this series on Labocine which explores the Templeton World Charity Foundation research project on Survival Circuits and Human Nature, directed by neuroscientist Joseph E. LeDoux. This 6-part series showcases cross-institutional collaborations conducted at NYU, the Nathan Kline Institute, Caltech, Harvard, and UCLA. The series starts with an overall project introduction, and each following video provides an overview of one of the five projects included under the larger research effort, focusing on:

- Animal behavior and neuroscience
- Human cognition and neuroscience
- Human consciousness and neuroscience

The series offers an opportunity to learn from leading research scientists as they discuss their work and findings. These videos share a comprehensive look at the intricate mechanisms behind survival instincts and human nature.

Each individual video is 5-8 minutes long, making the series a total watch of about 44 minutes.