Edward Shepard October 26 2016

6 Brilliant Science Films From Symbiosis 2016


What happens when a filmmaker and a scientist who have never previously met are tasked with creating a movie less than a week? Visionary short cinema, that's what. This happens every year as Symbiois part of the Imagine Science Film Festival. This year, teams worked with the theme of “light." Their films were judged by a panel of scientists and filmmakers, and the top selection was awarded $1000 from the Tribeca Film Instiute, plus a credit for music from Konsanant for future projects. 

All films were screened as part of Imagine Science Film Festival's epic closing night.

These six films are thought-provoking, beautiful, innovative, and surprising. It's astounding that they were created in just a week. They truly represent the science new wave, where "scientist" and "filmmaker" become one.

Light-Hearted by Beatrice Copeland and Andres Mansisidor  was the winner of this year's New York Symbiosis competition. It s a visual poem that attempts to bridge scientific phenomena with the human experience.

COLORCONDITION by Jason Chew and Rodrigo Valles was the runner-up.

Symbiont by  Sydney Clara Brafman and Sally Warring.

Stuck in the Past by Javier Diez and Moiya McTier

Spectrum by Cidney Hue and Matt Ahearn

Arabidopsis thaliana by Toma Peiu and Nicholas Delrose

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