The Sound is Innocent

  • Sep 13 - Sep 15, 2022
  • English, Czech, French English, Czech, French 68 mins
  • Director | Johana Ožvold
  • Writer | Johana Ožvold, Lukáš CSISCELY
  • Producer | Kristýna MICHÁLEK KVĚTOVÁ

When does sound become music? THE SOUND IS INNOCENT invites you on an audiovisual journey into a dreamlike space that explores the meaning, function and significance of the world of electronic and experimental sound. The film shines new light on some of the fundamental questions of musical creation, tracing the relationship between both man and machine, and artist and instrument and explores the links between sound and society, as well as the technology boom and our globalized world.

Part of the September 2022 Issue - Electric Visions

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Johana Ožvold