Neuroscience & Emotions: The Life, Work & Music of Dr. Joseph LeDoux

  • Jan 27 - Jan 29, 2023
  • English 39 mins
  • Director | Kurt Feldhun
  • Writer | Jennifer Jo Brout, Kurt Feldhun, Tim Sommer
  • Producer | Jennifer Jo Brout, Tim Sommer

How does the son of a Cajun bull riding butcher become the Neil Armstrong of Emotion?

Dr. Joseph LeDoux emerged from this unlikely background to become an internationally acclaimed pioneer of the science of emotion and the go-to expert on fear and anxiety. But not only is Dr. LeDoux a world renown scientist, he is also a musician, songwriter, and recording artist who has collaborated with acclaimed musicians like Lenny Kaye and Rosanne Cash. This documentary details LeDoux’s journey from the Cajun prairie to his accomplishments as a legendary American neuroscientist.

With interviews from leading names in the fields of neuroscience and music like Rosanne Cash, Lenny Kaye and Dr. Eric Kandel.

​What happens in the brain when you are afraid? Joe LeDoux decoded the unknown and unwritten map between the senses and emotions in the brain.

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