Ghost Amber

  • Dec 24 - Dec 25, 2022
  • English, Mandarin 59 mins
  • Director | Tim Grabham
  • Writer | NA
  • Producer | Tim Grabham, Neil Cantwell

A celluloid ghost materialises inside the ruins of a mysterious phantom cinema, beginning a phantasmagoric drift through death, rebirth, and the bardo like spaces in between.

Following on from his co-directorial documentary features 'KanZeOn' (2011) with Neil Cantwell, 'The Creeping Garden' (2014) with Jasper Sharp, and the experimental short 'Films To Break Projectors' (2017), 'Ghost Amber' is Tim Grabham’s first solo directorial feature; a reflection on the slow vanishing of analogue film, blending animation, documentary, found footage, archive material and supernatural horror.

Contributing to the project are an assembly of film makers, artists, choreographers and archivists, with the soundtrack to the film including music by Yetti, AQAXA, Stephen Thrower, Maria Marzaioli, Eduardo Reck Miranda, Ta2mi, Colin Bradford, Love Street Division and dissolving path.