At the Bottom of the Sea

  • Aug 24 - Aug 25, 2021
  • English 49 mins
  • Director | Karsten Krause
  • Writer | Dan Boehl, Karsten Krause
  • Producer | Frank Scheuffele

In south-western Texas, elongated mountain ranges, broad valleys, prairies and deserts pass by. Filmmaker Karsten Krause explores this imposing landscape and its many meanings, starting with its timeless beauty that has inspired many painters. Once, this part of the earth's crust was part of the ocean floor; the compressed skeletons of billions of sea creatures are now mined as limestone. The human remains found on the route between the Mexican border and destination Houston also tell a timeless story, yet in an entirely different dimension: that of humanity that has since its very beginnings roamed the earth looking for safer pastures. Everything on earth is in constant motion at the smallest and the largest scale. The borderlands between Texas and Mexico, however boundless, seem futile in the light of these forces.

Watch the Interview with writer Dan Boehl & director Karsten Krause moderated by programming consultant Kirsten Strayer as part of the 13th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival. 

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