• Feb 24 - Feb 27, 2023
  • English English 30 mins
  • Director | Barry J. Gibb
  • Writer | Barry J. Gibb
  • Producer | Sam Hill

Are you normal? What does it mean to be normal? Is it a good thing, or does it mean you're just plain dull? Is being abnormal more fun, does it make us seem more kooky, quirky, individual - or could it mean we're cut off from society, perceived as odd or even mentally ill? abNormal explores and celebrates what it means to be normal. Looking through the eyes of several very different minds, with their own unique talents and perspectives, the film points a microscope at human behaviour, asking viewers to question their perceptions of others and even of themselves. And, as society grows ever more into a disconnected suburban sprawl, abNormal asks whether the way we live our lives threatens our mental health.

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Barry Gibb